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Murpho's Rods and Customs is a full service hot rod, custom and restoration shop and retail boutique. We are the leading auto restoration shop serving the greater Austin area since 1941. We have a true passion for old cars which is what makes us the best at what we do! Our retail boutique brings the California hot rod style to Texas with a large collection of pin up, hot rod and rockabilly accessories...

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Austin Auto Restoration offers top rated and professional Auto Restoration in Austin. [Read More]

  • Auto Restoration:
    Chop Tops, Metal Fabrication, Fiberglass Forming & Repair, Full Restoration, Custom Engine & Transmission Installation, Chassis Fabrication / Restoration, Custom A/C Installation, Disassembly & Final Assembly, Custom Body & Paint, Custom Consultation & Design, Fuel Injection Installation, Custom Exhaust Custom Suspension, Wiring, Mechanical Repair and Custom Plumbing of Brake & Fuel Lines.
  • Specialties:
    Chassis Fabrication / Restoration
  • Top Brands:
    Black Market Art Company, Tres Noir Sunglasses, Lucky Thirteen Apparel, Lux De Ville Purses, Heartbreaker, Folter, Murpho's private label, Sullen Clothing and More!

Auto Restoration Tips

Auto Restoration Tips

Austin Auto Restoration provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Auto Restoration ]

Austin Auto Restoration Service | Restore Your Old Vehicle

There is nothing quite like seeing a vintage car in perfect condition. Restoring an old car, however, is often a huge project. In some cases, almost every part must be replaced to bring the car back to like-new status. If you don't have months or even years to spend on the project, it may seem like a hopeless goal. Luckily, Austin Auto Restoration helps you bridge the gap from possibilities to reality in a timely fashion.

Whether you've rescued an old car from a field or simply want your old faithful vehicle brought back to its former glory, the process of restoring it is much easier with the help of trained professionals. You don't have to surrender the entire project when you hire Austin Auto Restoration. If you have auto repair skills, you may enjoy doing some of the work yourself. When it's time to fix the parts you're not experienced with or don't have the proper tools for, let the pros step in to complete the restoration. Frame work is one of the aspects that is beyond the capabilities of most home garage setups. This is because fixing or replacing the frame can require the removal of all of the attached parts. A fully-equipped professional restoration shop can be a savior for these labor-intensive aspects of the project.

Time is another big reason to take your car to a professional restoration service. Even if you have all of the skills and tools needed to do the entire job, it is very time consuming for one or two people to bring an entire car to like-new status. Austin Auto Restoration has an entire crew to dedicate to restoring your vehicle. This allows them to complete the work much faster than otherwise possible. Set up a consultation with Austin Auto Restoration, and you'll likely find that the time savings alone is well worth the investment in their services.